How to sell your product on Leiba Yonba

Leiba Yonba is the first ever Manipur free classifieds website by muvilais. We provide online market place to connect buyer and seller.

If your are new to new Leiba Yonba and getting confused or problem selling your product in leiba yonba website then, We are here to help you.

Please go through the instruction below.

  1. To sell your product in leiba yonba first you have to register in your our website. In our previous version registration was not compulsory but due to security issue and increasing in cyber crime we made it as compulsory. But dont worry your information are safe with us.
  2. After you complete your registration please go to login page and login with your email id and password.
  3. After you successfully login go to POST FREE ADS page.
  4. In POST FREE ADS page fill up the details of your product which you want to sell and submit. Please make sure that all the fill with * marked are filled.
  5. If your details is successfully submit then it will redirect to Image upload page after 2 seconds.
  6. In image upload page please select the product image. You can maximum 4 image of the product. But cover image is compulsory. You can upload only JPG, JPEG,PNG format images.
  7. After you successfully uploaded your product images, Our admin will review your ads after the ad is approved it will be live in our website

Ad approved process hardly take 10 min to 2 hours. So dont worry your ad will be live as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading this Blog.

Happy Selling

Leiba Yonba Team